A Restaurant A Week: Dinosaur BBQ

For the last couple years, Ryan has had to work every Saturday, getting out at around 2 PM. So we began making a thing of it and started finding new places to go have a huge, late lunch. And this week it was the new Dinosaur Barbecue that moved into the newly developed (well…. newish) Harbor Point area of Stamford.

Several years ago I was drooling for some good BBQ and my friend had recommended Dinosaur Barbecue up in Harlem but I never managed to make it there. Needless to say, I was thrilled beyond belief when I heard they opened one of their restaurants right near me.

I scanned through some Yelp reviews right before we went and noted that the majority of commenters mentioned that reservations are a must. I figured it wasn’t necessary at 3 PM on a Saturday, which was true, but it was weird to see a restaurant pretty filled as our Saturday lunches have typically been a more private affair.

Also on yelp was a lot of recommendations for appetizers, and most of the recommendations could be found on their sampler which included their beer-drunken shrimp, fried green tomatoes, chicken wings and Cajun deviled eggs. You can order the sampler solo, for 2 people (that’s what we did), or for 4 people. Now the new skinny-minded me exclaimed how perfect the portion size was, but the inner glutton that I’ve been ignoring this past month whispered, “next time order the 4 person version for double the enjoyment.”

As for the main course, they pretty much have every type of barbecue meat you can think of: chicken, pork, brisket, ribs… all of which you can have in a sandwich or on a platter. With 0, 1, or 2 sides. Saturday is my cheat day (or that’s what I’m going with) so I went with 2 sides to accompany my original texas bbq brisket sandwich: mac and cheese and crispy cole slaw. Their mac and cheese is so revered that they released the recipe here. Don’t click the link if you don’t want the calorie gods mad at you. I thought MyFitnessPal was going to blow up.  Oh well, totally worth it.

Ryan opted for the Big Ass Pork Plate (actual name) with the Harlem Potato Salad and BBQ Fried Rice. And since it was a pit platter they threw in a corn bread muffin as well. I actually liked his potato salad better than my sides so I stealed several forkfuls.

So how does the food stack up? I guess I’ve been lucky (or perhaps deprived on a daily basis) in that most of the BBQ food I’ve eaten has been while travelling in the south. So in terms of how it compares to places like Chapel Hill’s Allen and Son, there’s no comparison, North Carolina’s restaurant wins hands down. But in terms of how it fares up here in the north, I’ll definitely be back again and again. Especially after seeing that they have a separate area just for take out orders.

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