One Happy Thing: Day 2

We all know that depending on where you are from in the US, things go by different names. It could be soda or pop. Pizza or pie. Sub, hoagie, or grinder. So when I moved to the east coast, I had to drop certain words to make myself understood. It’s soy sauce not shoyu. Bad karma not bachi. Commuter traffic not pau hana traffic. And the hardest one for me to purge from my vocabulary: it’s flip flops not slippers (pronounced slippahs). I get asked a lot for some of the word differences, and these are my go to ones. But during Thanksgiving my friend asked me a follow up question I had never gotten before. “If you call flip flops “slippers”… what do you call slippers*?

Hmm…. She had me there. So I thought about it and then responded, “We don’t really have those.” It doesn’t get that cold.” So in honor of it being 9 degrees when I headed out for work this morning and 54 degrees in my house (damn you crappy heating system) and the fact that based on posts I’ve been reading on my dashboard from other Tumblrs (Oh hi Midwest and Northern tumblrs!),  I don’t have it that bad at all…. My happy thing of the day: Bedroom slippers. Such such such a great thing.

I seriously almost forgot to change my shoes before going to work this morning.

*For my Hawaii readership: those fuzzy bedroom slippers that you get in the closets at the posh hotels but not used just to be all high makamaka**, but for survival in the cold!

**Aww – see what I did there? Helping everyone out today – the more you know! For my non-Hawaii readership: snobby.

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