Can we take a minute here to discuss how awesome Dallas (the tv series) is?

As I previously mentioned, one of my best childhood memories includes spending my Friday nights eating steak with a cream cheese based sauce while watching Dallas with my family (which really get to the root of my fatty foods and tvholicness). In the beginning I would just focus on shoveling food in my mouth and then run off to play with my Barbie dolls after I was done eating. But one night I didn’t leave. I remember my mom asking me if something was the matter and I responded with, “No, this looks interesting. I want to stay and watch.” They were so excited. But I was very young and looking back on it all I remember was JR was a bad man and somebody shot him in the series finale (very irritating!), Sue Ellen was married to one of the Ewing Brothers, they lived on a ranch and were very rich, and I thought this one actor was SOOO hot and was excited when he followed Bobby Ewing to Step by Step where he played Cody.

When the new Dallas series premiered I was really excited but I didn’t really want to watch it without first watching the earlier version. And that’s when I realized that there was a lot of the storyline that I missed – probably most of the 14-year-long series, especially since it started several years before I was born. So I started watching it. AND IT’S AWESOME!!!! Though I constantly forget that this takes place in the late 1970s and keep thinking, why don’t they just called so and so on their cell phone. But seriously, if you haven’t watched it – do it! Though I’m only on Season 2 so what do I know?

Although, there is already so much backstabbing, cheating, and implied (again – this is the late 1970s) sex (which is why it’s AWESOME) to make me think – what the hell were my parents doing letting me watch this stuff as a little kid?

And one last thought: Patrick Duffy, the early years, was H-O-T!!!!

Thoughts on this week’s Top Chef

– Tom is super sexy.

– I was way more excited about Tom’s first appearance than seeing Jo Jonas.

– Why was Jo Jonas a judge? How is he relevant to the world of food?

– Tyrannosaurus Rex did not eat herbs and grain. Why was this so hard to comprehend?

– When I was little, my mom took me on an overnight stay to the local museum where we slept with the dinosaurs.  It was awesome.

– I’ve loved Eggs Benedict since I was in kindergarten – this is not relevant.

– I don’t think a single contestant from Hell’s Kitchen could have made it passed the first round with the all stars.

– Marcel is growing on me.

– Previous favs of Angelo, Jenn, and Fabio are really pissing me off.

The end

So how did I bid adieu to summer and welcome in the fall?  By constantly being outdoors to take in the changing seasons, attending parties, and all around craziness?  Uh.. not so much.  Instead, I spent my time working my way through the 11 available Sookie Stackhouse novels and watching the first 2 seasons of True Blood.

A couple thoughts on the matter:

  1. Between Twilight, the Vampire Diaries, and Sookie Stackhouse books / tv series I worry I’m falling in with the psycho tween Vampire obsessors.  I’m good as long as I don’t want to marry sparkly Edward Cullen right?  Now hottie Alexander Skarsgård is another story.
  2. Speaking of Alexander, I’m going to have to update my list again.
  3. I’m seriously considering ordering HBO so I don’t have to wait until the season’s over to watch True Blood.  Maybe if I cancel Netflix…


Fox, Cablevision dispute stretches into 5th day

Seething with anger over here.

So as you all know, I am a tvholic.  What I didn’t know until this weekend however was that the majority of my TV watching stems from Fox.  Watching it online is not the same as sitting my lazy butt down on the couch and watching it during dinner.
On the plus side, I got to hang out with Ryan on Sunday since he couldn’t watch Football.  Small favors, I guess.

Lone Star Cancelled

You know those tv episodes where they show a flashback to a specific event that explains why the character is the way s/he is, whether it be an alcoholic, womanizer, etc?  Well, I have one of those moments.  It’s of sitting on our awful 70s looking sofa (that thank god didn’t live on past the 1990s) with a tv-dinner tray and eating steak with saffron rice and my family’s special steak sauce, while my family gathered around the TV (with the antenna topped with foil) and watched Dallas every Friday night.  That was a special occasion because every other night dinner was served in the dining room and my intake of salad was much more closely monitored.  And the TV stayed off in my presence when Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers wasn’t on.

But not on Friday.  Because Friday was Dallas night.  One of my favorite family memories.  Fast forward 20+ years later and I’m the biggest tvholic you’ll ever meet, with a penchant for fatty sauces.

So the revival of Dallas under its new name of Lone Star (okay, not really but family oil business, Texas, primetime soap – close enough) made it an instant must watch for me, which I finally got around to doing last night.  And I thought it was really good.

And then today I find out that it was already cancelled back in September.  To use the phrase from another favorite 80/90s show of mine: “How RUDE!”

It’s no Grey’s Anatomy, Lost, or Teen Mom, but it wasn’t as bad as Running Wilde (did that get the axe yet?).  Of course I shouldn’t be surprised, this is FOX – the network that also didn’t let Firefly live up to its awesome potential.

Oh well, I guess that just leaves me with one more thought of the day….

Who shot J.R.?

I have recently started calling Ryan RAHN and whenever he teases me or says something I disagree with I squint my eyes at RAHN and yell out, “Get out of MY house GEARY.”  Then I dissolve in laughter.

RAHN doesn’t seem to think this is as funny as I think it is.

Teen Mom = awesomeness.

WHAT is going on?  I love Teen Mom the most out of my reality TV show obsessions but the cover of THREE magazines at once (they apparently also made the cover of People)?  I repeat.  WHAT is going on?

And how is this not going to promote the “coolness” of having babies at 16?

With that said, I’m rushing home tonight to watch this week’s episode.

EVERYONE: Donna Martin Graduates!

Soooo… I actually have a “Donna Martin Graduates” t-shirt.  I wore it to Vegas right around graduation time (we were doing a family trip to Vegas after watching the brother-in-law walk at graduation) and this elderly couple came up to me and congratulated me profusely for graduating and telling me it was so cute that I was so proud of my accomplishment that I was wearing a shirt to tell the world.

It was a little awkward when I tried to explain that it was a famous line from a TV show and my name wasn’t Donna.  I think I lost them when I started out with, “It’s from one of the greatest television series of our time…” that might have done it.