First born versus second born: first foods

Emma’s planning phase:

OMG she turns 5 months on Thanksgiving… I’m going to make her sweet potatoes to eat with us at Thanksgiving… this will be really special.

Liam’s planning phase:

Doctor mentioned I should consider trying out real foods on him and I’m at the grocery store… might as well pick up a couple bottles of baby food and we’ll see when I have free time this weekend.

Emma’s first taste: Hated it. I was devastated. Worried my child would be developmentally slow.

Liam’s first taste: Hated it. I shrugged and ate the rest (because baby food is super expensive… I’m not wasting that on a picky eater). Learned that I LOVE banana baby food.

Emma’s journey to liking food: I painstakingly mixed breastmilk into the food for months before weaning her off of it to make it more manageable for her to eat.

Liam’s journey to liking food: I continued to eat whatever food he wasn’t keen on until we found a winner (apple sauce). I am kind of excited for what baby food options I’ll get to try next week.

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