Somebody looks so sweet and innocent when sleeping.

That same somebody is most likely the reason I needed a new camera last week. Since that somebody (who is known to carry heavy objects in his jaws and drop them in the laundry bin) probably thought the laundry bin was where my camera belonged. It isn’t. Would have been great to try and teach him that lesson before the camera got washed.

Canon + cold regular wash spin cycle = no more canon

But on the plus side… yay for new camera!

This was treats from a care package sent by Ryan’s folks.  Treats that the last time I saw them were still in the not-unpacked care package box, with cap and foil sealed on a filled jar.

When this was discovered I spend a good part of the day trying to make them understand this was not proper behavior.  Ryan, meanwhile, petted them and danced them around the house proclaiming that we had the “smartest cats in the entire world.”

In the world of good cops / bad cops… guess which one I always have to be.