First stop back in Honolulu…. the fabulous Leonard’s Bakery for freshly baked malasadas.  I had to consider, do I buy 6 malasadas and become very grouchy if anyone wants a piece, or buy a full dozen and when not enough people help me eat all 12 I can justify that it’s not my fault that I’m stuck eating so many leftovers?

I bought 12 – Happy Holidays everyone!  Now dig in, I really don’t want to eat all 12 by myself!

Dinner at Hiroshi

My dad and step-mother took my husband, myself, and my sister to Hiroshi for dinner… it’s the Spanish Tapas idea but using Eurasian food.  I love this place, but I guess I should be grateful it opened after I moved away or my wallet would have been significantly lighter in high school.  We shared Fois Gras sushi, Kampachi carpaccio, cold smoked torched hamachi sushi, and their special tapas of the day – a grilled squid dish.  I blame it on the alcohol that I totally forgot to take pictures of everything besides my main meal.  I finished off the meal with a Hawaiian vanilla bean panna cotta… yeah yeah I’m a pig….  But I’m hiking diamond head today so I feel I’ll work it off…  Sort of.

Off to Maui

My mom, sister, and I headed out to Maui this morning on the new super ferry (well, new for me, the last time I went to a neighbor island (circa 2003) the only option was to fly) to see my grandma and grandpa.  It was a little rocky and my travel companions slept most of the way but I made use of my time eating as much food as I could (yay for the free manapuas!).