One Happy Thing: Day 3

My condo uses a heat pump in order to provide cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. It’s a really good energy-efficient alternative to furnaces and air conditioners. Unfortunately, it’s usually only recommended for use in climates with moderate heating and cooling needs because as I’ve found out, it usually can only change the temperature in your house by about 40 degrees. None of my neighbors know why our condos were built this but most of them have done extensive work over the years to insulate their house. We’ve taken the stance of just toughening it out. Which is fine when it’s 30 degrees out – because I can get the house up to 70 degrees. But when it’s 0-10 degrees out like it has been this week, I’m waking up to 50 degree weather and eating cold dinners in 60 degrees. Which means that last night I stayed at work until 10 PM not to do work, but to read a book in my wonderful, temperature-controlled cube.

So now why am I writing this on my One Happy Thing post? Because I have cats that love each other and us, but as they are cats, they often wander around and only have very specific moments of each day where they like to snuggle us. But drop the temperature to 50 degrees and everyone’s hanging out on our electric blanket bed covering. It’s kind of nice to have the whole family in one room.


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