Okay, going to give this a try…

I figure I should start by introducing myself and summarizing (very briefly) the story of my life even though I don’t think anyone outside my family will be reading this.

I was born and raised in Honolulu and moved to the east coast at 17 to go to college in Boston.  After school I headed 3-4 hours south to Stamford, CT for work.  The town I now call home is a town I had only heard about as a kid during my fascination with the Baby-Sitters Club Book (it was the BIG city that the BSCers sometimes visited).  Um… Stamford… fabulous place to live… but not so big.

So anyway, when I moved to the “mainland” as we Hawaii folk call it, I was so excited to experience a new state, new school, new people, and new situations, but in my heart I knew that I’d move back to Hawaii one day to raise a family… and after experiencing my first winter… I went out on a limb and decided to try to stick it out in New England for 5 years.  It’s been 9 years and a couple of months give or take.

Now, the reason for this blog – I still intent to move back to Hawaii (I’ve continued to say “in 5 years”) but now I realize that I’m going to miss New England more than I ever thought I would for a girl that grew up thinking that 70 F is freezing and winter only lasts for the month of December.  I also have a co-worker whom is on an international rotation from Spain and as it gets closer for him to return he’s making sure that he does all the quintessential “American” things before he leaves (e.g. apple picking, visiting some of our Theme parks, etc).  It made me realize that I definitely need to do all the things I feel are important to experience before I move back to Hawaii and trips to see our Nation’s Capital, etc. are a lot harder to accomplish than piling several days worth of clothes in my car and driving for a couple of hours.  I also feel that my activities should be documented… (hence – this website) if for no other reason that to give my family something to read and (hopefully) be amused by.

That being said, I actually think know that I have to postpone this plan of mine for a couple of months.  Why? 2 reasons.  1) there’s this silly certification I need for my job that involves me wasting my precious free time studying (I’m using the term silly as I understand the full extent of my dorkiness and will be telling everyone that stands still for a second about my qualification – once I get it…) 2) literally the day after I sit for my last (hopefully) part of my certification exam I am going to get swamped at work for my busy season.  Fortunately that should be over by mid February and then – residents of basically the entire east coast and nearby vicinity watch out – I am coming to play tourist in your neighborhood.

But don’t count me completely out as it’s finally Christmastime (sorry – I’m totally not PC and feel that “Christmas” encompasses Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, etc.) – which is my favorite time of year and I feel I’ll get in a few posts between now and then.  So until then… Aloha