Elf for Health

I’m always clamoring on here about being on a diet or trying a new workout routine and none of them last too long (sad sad sad) but really it all sums up to me wanting to be 40 pounds lighter (a la college weight). Lately I’ve been doing horribly and the scale is going in the opposite direction, which is why the Elf for Health challenge came at the perfect time!

To give you all the background, my fabulous college roommate and blogger Elle got together with her friend and blogger Lindsay to create a six-week challenge, covering the holiday season, as a way for their readers to stay on track (or… you know… start to get on track… in the case of myself). They’ve called it the “Elf for Health Challenge.”


So what does this all mean? Basically we get a “challenge” a day (either for your mind or body) and you get paired up with someone else doing the challenge (dubbed your “elf”) to motivate you with emails and such in order to help you stay on track. AND they found a bunch of sponsors so you can get prizes for participating. (Yay for free stuff!)

Now, since the first day of the challenge was this passed Monday and we got paired up with our elf buddy over the weekend, why am I telling you all this?

  1. Because anyone can follow along with the challenge list (see here)
  2. They switch elf buddies every two weeks and provide open enrollment before the switch if you sign up before December 7th for Round 2 or December 22nd for Round 3.

So sign up and be an Elf 4 Health!

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