Overeating made me sick

Why am I such a mess?

I’m actually home from work today (though more so because I was going to take a PTO day on Friday anyway so why not switch it to today so I don’t have to work on a day that I feel like crap) because I had flu-like symptoms all day yesterday which is finally starting to dissipate. I had chills. My entire body ached. My throat felt like there were a million of sharp needles in it, making it hard to swallow. But then all of a sudden it started to clear up 8 hours later. I’m still a little shaky on my feet but pretty much a 180 from yesterday. So once I could sit up and open my eyes I went straight to my favorite sick site: Web MD. And do you know what it said under flu-like symptoms (without a fever) that disappear suddenly after less than a day? A sign of overeating!

Now there are a couple Drs that follow me on here and since the extent of my medical career was not failing A/P Bio in high school, feel free to laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh.

But I tell you – overeating made me get sick!

So I really think I’ve learned my lesson. In fact, after I make a nice breakfast of Gatorade and bread I’ll be back to tell you about an awesome new healthy challenge I got into. But until then, I do want to leave you with my crowning achievement of this weekend, a.k.a. Ryan’s Birthday Buffet dinner. The boy never tells me what he wants. For presents. For his birthday dinner. Nothing. So since he kept saying that he just wanted to stay home for dinner I tried to make it a dinner of “these are a few of [Ryan’s] favorite things!”

All made from scratch! Not very aesthetically appealing but there was Hawaii-style mac salad, cone sushi, ume boshi, kalua turkey sliders, spinach rolls, corned beef hash patties, and mochiko chicken. Needless to say our refrigerator is still stuffed.

Most people are gracious birthday present givers. But not me. I would work it into the conversation once an hour this weekend. “Hey, remember the time I was so awesome and cooked for 5 hours and it was all your favorite foods.” I am so annoying!

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