And so it begins..

  • Me:OMG this is going to be ridiculous!

  • Ryan:what?

  • Me:Well, just think! When I was planning our wedding Pinterest didn't exist. But now… So many ideas in just the theme for the first birthday party alone!

  • Ryan:when did the theme for a birthday party stop being just "it's your birthday"?

  • Me:Shhh… Go away I'm planning over here!!!

  • Please note, before you think I am too too ridiculous (I mean, I am… but still), Hawaiian culture dictates that the first birthday is celebrated with a HUGE luau. While most people have moved away from digging a pit and dropping in a pig to renting out a private room in a hotel or restaurant, they still can rival some wedding receptions in terms of size and extravagance. My high school classmate had a magician, a stilts walking clown and a guy that built a castle out of balloons for her daughter's birthday. So the fact that I'm thinking about making people leave advice in Dr Seuss' Happy Birthday book when Emma is not yet 4 months old is pretty low key.

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