Top 10 TV Shows

Because it’s 1 AM and Emma is asleep on my chest after her midnight feeding and I don’t want to put her down after a long week of work so…. here we go….

1. How I Met Your Mother – Don’t even get me started on the series finale but all hail to the TV show that brought us the slap bet, challenge accepted, the highest of fives and the episode where they counted down to the death of Marshall’s dad.

2. Buffy – Because it kicked off my love affair with all things Joss Whedon. And the fact that the Buffy and Angel theme songs are part of my work out playlist to motivate me to kick some ass. And why oh why was Firefly cancelled after 1 season?!

3. Friends – Because in 2002 Rachel and Ross had a baby and named her Emma and I fell in love with that name and decided I would name my future daughter Emma. Ryan doesn’t want this story to get out. He’d prefer I make up some story about loving that Charlotte Bronte book or something like that.

4. Dallas – Because Fridays in the 80s were for leaving the kitchen table behind and eating a steak dinner on tv trays while watching Dallas. I swear I can smell steak whenever I hear the Dallas theme song play.

5. Grey’s Anatomy – Because I have watched every episode at least 3 times and the first 2 seasons probably WAY more than that and I still cry every time when sad things happen (so like every episode…)

6. Teen Mom – Because I needed one reality show on here to represent all the crap shows I watch and this one made me think that if numb-nuts Farrah and Amber could keep babies alive I could too.

7. Six Feet Under – Because that’s how you end a series. And remember when Michael C Hall was not a serial killer turned lumberjack.

8. Game of Thrones – Because just woah! And Peter Dinklage. And it got me to read multiple 1200+ page fantasy books.

9. The Nanny – Because while I don’t quite remember why I had been so obsessed with it in the 90s I clearly was… I painstakingly taped every episode to VHS tapes when they aired so I could rewatch the episodes whenever I wanted.

10. Small Wonder – Grossly underrated 80s sitcom. She’s a smaalllll wonder… Pretty and bright with soft curls…

And the honorable mentions go to:

Brooklyn nine-nine – Because it is hi-la-ri-ous and I’m not sure if Andre Braugher knows he’s in a comedy show

Once Upon a Time – Because it fulfills my obsession with Disney on a weekly basis.

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