I can’t believe how fast the year has gone by. I didn’t even get a chance to talk about Halloween.

First of all, Ryan and I got the most wonderful costumes. Not actually bought for Halloween but so that we could be dressed appropriate for our second (yes, I said it, second) trip to the New York Renaissance Faire this year. Because the first time we went in normal clothes and bemoaned the sadness that was us not dressed in a corset (me) and a sword (Ryan).


So outfit in hand we were going to go all out and reuse them for the Village Halloween Parade this year. But a stomach issue I’ve been battling for a little while reared its ugly head and we spent the evening at home watching TV. But I did get dressed up for my office’s Team Halloween Costume Competition. We were Duck Dynasty…. The girls were actual ducks. I’m front and center in the tiara (you know… cause “Dynasty”), in case you couldn’t tell.


And I made sure my kids were dressed up as well. (Okay I bought them all 1 costume and made them share…. Not that they minded…. Since they were all miserable to be dressed up).


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