Advice for the undecided college major

Ahh – I have such affinity for you! That was me.

Or, advice to the new-to-the work-force crowd. Let me lead you to mecca.

Do you want to go on crazy fun work trips (i.e. vacation) with one of those coveted expense accounts? Stay at the best hotels and not pay a dime? Despite the fact that it’s a recession, you can still do it (as long as you are good looking). And let me tell you how. Go into sales. And be good at it.

Do not go into accounting.

I repeat, do not go into accounting.

I’ll admit, in the hay day of accounting back in 2004 and 2005 (wow, that’s an even dorkier comment than my usual), we might have bought a seafood tower here or there and charged it, along with multiple bottles of wine, back to the company. But it was nothing like this. Free flowing wine. Dinners at the Ritz. AND, closing down Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure early for an evening in order to let your people and their customers run wild through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

And as for my “good looking” comment… Holy crap I haven’t felt this inadequate since I started at BC the year that Playboy named it as one of the most beautiful colleges… and they weren’t talking about the foliage. I’ve spent the last 9 years fighting against the stereotype of what an accountant looks like (boosted by the fact that I have gorgeous friends), but at this event, you could pick us out from the sales reps in a heart beat.

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