Dream Work Trip…. Dream Work Days…. Dream Work EVERYTHING

It’s been almost a week since I returned home and I still cannot believe how lucky I was to get chosen to go on a business trip last week…. or more like a “business” trip wink wink.

By way of a very boring background… my company uses a software tool for accounting purposes.The company that sells and maintains this tool had a conference that they invited their customers to last week. The conference discussed best accounting practices and maximizing our efficiencies. Doesn’t that sounded absolutely horrible? What sap was going to be sent to a boring three day conference to discuss accounting software tools? In the end, it looked like I drew the short straw… or so everyone thought.

Two weeks ago I was running a fever, feeling I was dying, and cursing Ryan and his pneumonia for bringing germs into my house, when my boss sent me an email: “It’s been decided, you are going to the ____ conference. Are you well enough to book travel?” Seriously boss?! Um NO! I’m dying. I cannot fly out to a conference in a couple days, be the spokesperson for my company and then fly home, all the time feeling like a sick dog. What are you thinking?! Oh, I see, you are not giving me a choice, okay then. Travel booked, doctor visited for antibiotics and on Sunday I was off to Orlando with not a friend in the world attending the conference I was at. So not cool.

And then I got to my hotel:

Are you seriously giving me a patio in a room bigger than the first apartment I ever shared with Ryan. NICE! It’ll make up for having no one to hang out with for three days and being forced to go to special networking events. And that’s a nice looking pool but I’ll never have time for it.

Except this turned out to be the special networking event:

The conference had the ENTIRE park closed early and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was opened JUST FOR US for 3 hours. No lines and FREE butterbeer and alcohol and food. I’m still pinching myself that it happened. On the bus ride over everyone was saying they were going to buy a wand for their kids. Fortunately I did not need to spend my time shopping as I already bought a wand for myself several years earlier so I was all about the rides. And the butterbeer.

And as for friends… well give me Harry Potter Land and I don’t need friends but turns out there were people from our vendor whose sole job for three days were to keep me entertained with dinners at restaurants, one of which was at a table NEXT TO PAUL McCARTNEY (I almost got kicked out for trying to take a picture of him), and drinking games. Hello instant friends!

Oh and claim to fame: I won several drinking games including 1 truth and 1 lie (where you tell one truth and one lie and everyone else has to guess which one is true). I said that I either 1) am the reigning champion of a keg stand out of my group of friends in college or 2) during my senior year in college I ran naked around the lower campus dorms in the snow.* I also won another game we played, who has the most embarrassing song on their iPhone. My winning song? Lindsay Lohan’s Confessions of a Broken Heart (I love it!).

Okay, so in every sense of the word – the most amazing work trip ever. But I still wasn’t get to use that hotel pool. Except that we got out early on our last day so I had nothing to do but find a location to finish up working before my flight.

I can’t wait for next year! Except that I bragged about my trip to too many people and now everyone is clammering to take my place next year, including my boss. NOOOOOOO!

*In case you were wondering, I’ve never done a keg stand.

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