Sorry male family members…. this may be TMI for you!

I do what everyone always says not to do. I weigh myself everyday. How else am I supposed to make graphs in excel of my daily weightloss against my net calories? Yeah…. I’m not even joking about that…. ANYWAY. I also know that since bloating and water weight can fluctuate day to day that the way to know how much I’m truly losing is to “officially” track it one day a week – and that day is Wednesday. So this morning I gave my little Wednesday pep talk to my scale “come on buddy, I worked really hard this week! Don’t piss me off…. give me good numbers!” and hesitantly stepped on. AND IT WAS DOWN! 10 pounds from my starting point. So so so happy. Greatest day ever! I skipped to my closet to get dressed for the day and for the first time in about 7 years (i.e. wedding diet weight loss) I put on my clothes and saw that it was loose is some places. And I almost burst into tears… or at least pouted emphatically. Because the only area loose was around my chest.

WTF – I count on my chest to make my gut look smaller. This is not good! I may have gone on a tirade about how much men and their when-I-lose-weight-the-first-thing-to-go-is-my-gut unfairness. Which is when my coworker, friend, and weight loss buddy stepped in and told me to buy the wine rack from amazon… a padded bra filled not with cotton… BUT with wine.

wine rack

I’m considering it.

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