One Happy Thing: Day 5

I woke up this morning in thick flannel pajamas after spending the night sleeping until 3 layers of blankets, one of which was an electric warming blanket. I threw off the covers and danced around the bedroom with joy. I went downstairs to peer at our house thermometer and what do you know, it got all the way up to 65 degrees! On my way to work today, Z100 warned of a wintry mix starting from this afternoon. I smiled. And looking at my weather app right now, it says 28 degrees with a high of 30 for the day. I am ecstatic. It’s downright almost balmy.

Because living in Connecticut I have really learned to appreciate the days that aren’t too cold or aren’t too hot as darn near perfect. In Hawaii, I’d wake up in January, it would be 70 degrees. Brr. I’d turn off my AC. I’d look outside. Great, rain. Sucks! What a horrible day. Ridiculous.

Meanwhile, since I missed OHT on the weekend, here’s another one… or two: hot chocolate and hot New England clam chowder. Perfect cold weather treats.

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