Just because I’m dreaming of sushi right now while eating corporate cafeteria spaghetti…

Earlier this year three people recommended the same new-ish Sushi restaurant to me within a one week period of each other, Sushi Murayama. While you could definitely just order off the menu, I was told that the real experience came from sitting at the sushi bar and getting an omakase, which wasn’t just sushi in this case, but whatever the chef decided to put in front of you. Well, you don’t have to tell me twice! And my friends did not lead me astray, everything was amazing but some of it sure wasn’t anything I had at other omakase (here’s looking at you mini squid)!


The restaurant is hard to find unless you can read kanji since that is the only sign they have up in front of black curtained windows and parking is a valet set up where they park your car in an elevator (okay that part is pretty cool) but if money were no object, I’d be there every night. There was definitely some fish served here that I haven’t seen at other places and it was all so fresh!

Although the clientele they get in that place (excluding yours truly, of course) is sttrrraaannnngggggeeee. We ate there twice (yes, disclaimer those pictures come from two nights of eating…. I’m not as much of a glutton as it looks… although even half of that IS a lot of food when you consider I decided not to bore you with all the regular nigiri pictures) and had the strangest sushi bar seat neighbors both times. The first one sat down and without being prompted told the sushi chef “I’m getting an omakase but I didn’t like some of the stuff you gave me last time so don’t do that again… here I took pictures of all the ones I didn’t like so you would know…” and then proceeded to hand the chef his iphone to show him the pictures.

Although, in comparison to my more recent visit and sat next to a couple that ordered the omakase and then stopped after getting 1 sushi each, complained that they didn’t really want the omakase after all and walked out, mr. sharing of the non-favorite sushi pics was downright likeable. Oh and did I mention that this latter couple started off by trying to speak Japanese to the chef, but had to stop halfway when it was obvious they were butchering the language. So weird!

Guess I’ll have to go for a third time to see if I can get lucky with normal dinner companions.

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