Never been so happy to be 35 and living with my mom

My mom is awesome but what 35 year old plans to move out of their house at 17 for college and survive on their own 5,000 miles away from family for the next 16 years only to then move back in with your mom… but such is the realities of housing costs and salaries in Hawaii.

Now my mom is an awesome roommate – I never see her and yet she is super helpful behind the scenes fixing and taking care of things I am too lazy/busy to do. But in theory – it’s a little embarrassing to have to be like – yes I’m in my mid-30s and live with my mom.

Until my well-meaning husband who childproofed our bedroom, including putting a lock on the outside of the bathroom door, accidentally locked me in the bathroom before going to work.

Never been so happy to be like – “mom please walk upstairs and release me!” Also, thank goodness for taking my phone to the bathroom with me.

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