Emma-isms part II or A Toddler’s Guide to Heaven or I Miss You Spam

  • Me:How was your day today?
  • E:(Really upset) No talking! No talking! I need to talk!
  • Me:okay….
  • E:Spam REALLY loved you!
  • Me:(trying not to cry) I know sweetie… and I love him soooo much, and he really loved you… but it’s okay cause he’s watching over us now.
  • E:yes, he’s upstairs
  • Me:(oh geesh… maybe she got the names mixed up and is meaning one of the alive cats) uh… yeah…. upstairs you mean….
  • E:(points to the ceiling) upstairs. Where I can’t reach.
  • Me:(crying and hoping Emma can’t see me since I’m driving) I know, we can’t reach him. But he’s there… watching over us.
  • E:Eww! My feet are super dirty!
  • And that’s that.

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