Our August Nantucket Getaway

Our goal was to save up money this year by skipping the big summer vacation in order to renovate our bathrooms. (Note: we are so lazy that as of today the closest we’ve gotten to completing this was to take pictures of fixtures we might like during our last trip to Home Depot.) I didn’t want summer to pass us by without getting to go somewhere (since this planning was pre-last-minute-Hawaii-vacation), so I searched and searched for a place I could drive to (read: cheaper than flying) but still get a beautiful beach setting AND a place big on bike rentals for our mode of transportation. Queue Nantucket. After spending most of the 90s completely hooked on the weekly antics of Brian and Joe Hackett (by the way, I totally sided with Helen through the whole break-up and drive a jeep through Joe’s office debacle), Nantucket had been on my bucket list for some time now. But since I was going for a less expensive vacation option, we opted to take the ferry out of Cape Cod instead of Sandpiper Air. Coincidentally, Ryan’s aunt and uncle were on their own vacation in Cape Cod so we got to meet up with them for breakfast before heading over to the island.


Jack’s Outback II – my favorite breakfast spot in Cape Cod (photo source).

Picture 739

Collecting “checked” luggage next to the ferry pier in downtown Nantucket.

Picture 741

The Pineapple Inn – Our home away from home for the next four days.

Our first day in Nantucket didn’t have the best of weather so we hung around town, checking out the local shops and investigating the lunch options.

Picture 745

Incredibly fresh fish sandwich from the Straight Wharf Fish Store.

And then with the downpour starting, we spent the rest of the day…. um…. sleeping….

Or I slept. Until around 10 PM at night. I’m not sure when Ryan woke up but he didn’t look very pleased with me when I finally rolled out of bed.  OOPS!

By day two the sun made its reappearance and I was clearly well-rested so we headed on over to Young’s Bicycle Rentals to pick up our bikes, which included my awesome teal bike with basket. Hell yes to bright bikes with baskets!

Picture 747

While I was in Hawaii, my sister-in-law had both tires of her bike stolen and told me a story of a previous theft where her bike seat had been taken as well. So I was a little obsessed with constantly locking up our bikes the second we got off of them. Although judging by the bikes that would just be lying on the side of sand dunes at some of the beaches we visited, no one else seemed to be overly concerned.

Picture 748

Morning at Surfside Beach

The first two stops on our bike tour was Surfside Beach and Nobadeer Beach. Nobadeer was a little less accessible with a sand road leading up to the beach for the last couple of blocks. If you didn’t know (I sure didn’t), riding a bike on sand is h.a.r.d. So we rewarded ourselves with the most delicious sandwiches from Provisions. Oh My God. I am still missing their sandwiches over a month later. We ended up at provisions 3 times while we were there. So freaking good!


After finishing our late lunch and taking a little breather it was time to head back out on our bikes, this time to Madaket Beach, to watch the sun set.

Picture 754

And Ryan became a TV star! Sort of. As we unlocked our bikes (again, pretty much the only ones that locked bikes up to begin with) a group approached us and explained that for the first time in years, their good friends Frank and Mary did not accompany them on their annual Nantucket trip. So they were going around the island asking strangers to stare into their camera and say, “Who the fuck are Frank and Mary?!” for a video they were putting together for their missing friends.

Picture 755

My celebrity husband.

The next day started with breakfast at the most wonderful place, Black-eyed Susan’s, a tiny restaurant with the most delicious egg scrambles and grits. Seriously, if you go to Nantucket, eat here! But come early. Because everyone else is eating here too.

Black Eyed Susan

Now a lesson for you all. If you haven’t been on a bike since 2010, your first day out you probably shouldn’t bike 21 miles. Because then you’ll be in P.A.l.N. Which brings me to the Nantucket bus system. It’s awesome. Especially if you are in such pain that you can barely walk on vacation day #3. So instead of another planned 20 mile biking trip out to Siasconset to hang out at the pool we were provided access to by staying at the Pineapple Inn, we took a shuttle out to The Summer Inn for a relaxing day at the pool and then grabbed a lovely air-conditioned bus ride back into town at the end of the day for a final night out in downtown Nantucket.


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