A lot of random nothings

Hello long lost friends! Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had a mental list of things I wanted to blog about and then I’ve come home, gone onto my dashboard and promptly fallen asleep with my computer still on my lap. So until I stop being lazy, here’s some super-not-blogworthy events that have gone down lately:

  • I guzzled down 28 ounces of chowder on Sunday – MyFitnessPal was very judgy.
  • Also on Sunday, I finally understood the cupcake craze… years after everyone else has moved on to macaroons… or has everyone moved on from that one too?  In any case I’ve asked for a Crumbs cupcake in lieu of a birthday cake this year.
  • I felt like I’ve been on this current session of Couch-2-5K forEVER and decided to look up how many weeks I had left to go before moving on to Half Marathon Training program. Turns out it’ll happen in a week and a half. Gulp. Holy scariness!
  • There’s a pregnancy rumor about me going on at work. I squashed it by drinking red wine at our Company happy hour last week but it’s started up again. The rumors possibly have something to do with the fact that I ask everyone what doctor delivered their baby. What day care they use. How they handle working late and having a kid. Honestly, I’m just overly curious! And possibly too intrusive. They are all saying that it won’t be a shock in three months when I make my announcement. It has actually made me contemplate getting a fourth cat, just to prove them all right.
  • I’m heart-broken, not even being overly dramatic here, over the ending of Emily Owens, M.D. after only 13 episodes. Truly an underappreciated, epic show of all times.
  • After Popsugar, I’m so obsessed about the idea of getting monthly packages that I’m thinking about finally joining the Stitch Fix and Graze bandwagons.
  • I still have a job. This is a big one. At the beginning of the year, my company announced cutting thousands upon thousands of jobs. I took this incredibly badly. Crying myself to sleep. Praying I don’t get ulcers. Lack of appetite. And for the dumbest reason too. Because I didn’t think I could emotionally take being fired so soon after being “dumped” by a close family member. But fortunately, there’s only so long you can cry yourself to sleep with your husband walking around on eggshells in case him sneezing brought on another set of tears. So I’m finally at the “screw it, what happens…. happens” stage. And fairing much better for it. Fingers crossed though, please! I hate interviewing!
  • Currently reading A Wrinkle in Time for the first time since high school. My memory was that I loved it back then. I’m not really a fan of it now.

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