The most amazing app ever to help you lose weight!

Or at least live a more active lifestyle.

I swear, Striiv is the mythical, magical weight loss pill of smart phone apps. Like many other apps out there, its main purpose is to be a pedometer on your phone.


And as far as pedometers go, it’s pretty accurate. I’ve run while staring at my phone and have watched the numbers go up on the pedometer counter in perfect unison with my steps. But the reason I’m obsessed with Striiv is that the app is also a game (that’s where that lemur dude with the coins in the picture above comes into play). The game is basically a simplistic version of Sim City with dragons and fairies instead of Sims and your goal in the game is to build up a land so that creatures move there and you become rich off of all the places you’ve built.


But the real kicker is, to earn the “money” that you need to be able to build things on your land, you need to exercise…. hence linking back to the pedometer part of the app.

Now you could just walk around with your phone during the day, slowly accumulating points and coins and that’s fine. At the very least, you’ll now be more aware of how much you actually walk or don’t walk in a day. But if you get as obsessed at playing games as I do (I stayed up until 3 AM the day I discovered Angry Birds), slowly accumulating points isn’t enough. I want those points as quickly as possible. Which means I need to run.

I scheduled my first official “get back into running and train for that marathon” run on January 1st. And then I pushed it off. And pushed it off. And pushed it off. Today was actually my first day back to training (and by training I mean I’ve once again regressed all the way back to Couch to 5K). But because of Striiv, today wasn’t actually my first day back on the treadmill as I’ve been on it every day for the last week. Each time with plans to just walk for a little bit so that I could further my game, but then getting impatient with the slowness that the pedometer was clicking upward, I would start running to pick up the pace. And it was fun. I never felt like I was working out, I was just doing what needed to be done to be able to build my mermaid fortress!


And the best part of it all – the app is completely free! The company is selling a $70 device that looks like the fitbit so that you don’t drain the battery of your IOS or always have your phone on you, but I just charge my phone whenever I’m sitting down and don’t really have a problem.

So to summarize, if you like dorky computer games and want to get into shape but hate working out, 1) we should become friends because we have A LOT in common and 2) GET STRIIV.

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