Last night I was pissed off because a drunken lady kept stepping on my foot.

This morning I was annoyed that some guy cut me off on my way out of the cruise ship and into Roatan, Honduras.

This afternoon I was really upset with myself for losing my room key and having to get a new one issued.

And 15 minutes ago I logged into Facebook to see what was up with my friends and to post pictures of myself playing with monkeys and was stunned and shocked by a friend’s status update, which led me to google, “what happened in Newtown, CT”. On top of it being such a horrendous event, it hit really close to home. After all, 8 years ago I had so many of my friends living within 5 minutes of me in Stamford. Happy hours (and much later into the night drinking shindigs) and shopping trips were plentiful and often. But then it all slowly changed as everyone got married and moved away. They moved away to towns just like Newtown. In fact, many of them moved to the towns that surrounded Newtown. Because they wanted to raise their children in safe neighborhoods and have them attend good schools. And I fall in love with their life when I hear about their neighborhood block parties and sprawling yards and happy children. So today, along with the rest of the nation, I’m in shock by what happened.

And in the midst of crying in the lobby of the Holland America Cruise ship, while happy co-travelers stroll by me in their sparkling dresses and suits (it’s formal night), unaware of what happened in CT today, it dawned on me that I really do get bothered by the stupidest, most idiotic issues, that really just don’t matter at all. Who cares that some drunk lady stepped on my foot. How in the world does that matter at all.

So tomorrow (or possibly the following day when I’m back in the land of free internet access) I will post pictures of my happiest moments of today. That of holding a little night monkey called Wammers (by me and Ryan) and finding a wooden swing for two in the midst of a nature trail and just swaying back and forth. But today my thoughts and prayers are focused on you Newtown. I am so very sorry for your loss.

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