Mermaid Inn (UWS edition)

Friday night’s dinner in the city was at Mermaid Inn specifically because I’ve spent so much time drooling over other tumblr’s pictures posted of the famed lobster roll.

The weather was gorgeous and I was loaded up on heavy-strength allergy meds so we opted to eat outside.  I must say – I’ve only been to the UWS once before but after spending Friday night up there I definitely plan on coming back again and again and again.  The blocks were filled with the most inviting restaurants with tables that spilt out into the street.  Plus I love gushing over apartment buildings that have a rent or mortgage probably 4 times what mine is (on the low end).  Plush plush plush.

But back to the food – we started by splitting a half-dozen oysters (and by the time we were done eating them we learned that we are west coast oyster people not east coast oyster people).

Ryan also had the heirloom tomato salad with red onion and fresh herbs…

while I went with the more unhealthy salmon tartare.

For my entree I had to have the lobster roll (of course).

I was worried I wouldn’t actually like it.  I’m not a big fan of lobster.  I love crabs.  I love mayo and buttery bread.  And I love Abbott’s Lobster Roll up in Mystic, CT, but I tried a lobster roll in Maine (where I assumed they would be experts on the matter) and it was horrible.  But oh holy goodness, at Mermaid Inn it was amazing and ensured that I will be making a trip back here.

Ryan went with the roasted fish of the day… they truly did bring the entire fish.

And best of all (or second best… after my lobster roll) was the fortune teller fish they handed out with our bill.  I used to play with these all the time as a little kid but probably haven’t seen one of these in years.

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