What in the world…

So apparently released yesterday in Hardcover and today on Kindle was the first book in the Nikki Heat series by Richard Castle.

For those of you that don’t tune in every Monday night, the premise of Castle is that Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle, a murder mystery writer that is writing his newest series about a Homicide detective Nikki Heat.  In order to get ideas he teams up with NYPD (and Kate Beckett in particular) to help solve murders.  It’s actually way more interesting / funny then it sounds.  But even the book description on Amazon.com is straight out of the fictional world of Castle.  I’m loving this, and will definitely have to pick up a copy.

Murdered the English language…

Possibly the best Castle episode aired tonight.  And I totally sided with Castle…  (Warning: Spoiler Alert).

Scene: Woman found dead at her workplace with the words, “Your Out of Time” written on her face.

Castle: ‘You’re should be you-apostrophe-r-e, as in you are.  It’s not even a tough one.  Not like when to use “who” or “whom.”’

Beckett: ‘Do you really think that’s the take-away here, Castle?’

Castle: ‘I’m just saying, whoever killed her also murdered the English language.’

My spelling and grammar skills are atrocious (as you might have picked up from reading this blog) but it kills me when I read ”your” when it should be ”you’re” and “its” when it should be ”it’s.”  Maybe I figure if I can get those down, everyone should be able to.  So GO Castle!

Note: thank goodness for spell check because I apparently spelled grammar incorrectly.

Goodbye life, goodbye outdoors…

Hello couch!  And so it begins.  Tonight was a monumental night for me.  My first tv series season premiere kicked off tonight with 90210.  I actually prayed that it would be really bad.  So bad that I would decide not to watch.  But it wasn’t bad.  It was good.  So good that an hour later I was mad that it was over.

I now have HUGE amounts of respect for recovering druggies and alcoholics.  How do they give up their addiction?  I blame the invention of the DVR for my addiction.  It’s an enabler.  Hmmm…. blaming others for my problems, that’s probably a bad sign.

But I think having my shows back will be better because with the return of my teenage angst shows (or 20-something-year-olds playing teenagers – ahem Glee, Gossip Girl, and 90210) and comedic medical dramas, I can say goodbye to the brain numbing reality shows of the summer (e.g. Kendra, More to Love).  Hmm, rationalization.. also not a good sign.

Oh well, Fall 2009 TV line-up here I come!

Tom, welcome back!  You were missed.  I thought Top Chef Masters would be great what with them having Top Chef Masters on the show, but the small cameos of Colicchio just did not do it for me.  And Padma was also sorely missed as Kelly Choi just bothered me immensly.

Needless to say I was very excited for tonight.  And I’ve picked my 3 people for the competition.

  1. The beard-growing-pool-sliding-full-ride-scholarship-to-MIT-but-chose-cooking-school-instead guy
  2. The girl that won the quickfire challenge (I picked her even before she cooked because I was excited that she’s worked under Eric Ripert before)
  3. Mattin from France and now California.

The competition?  The 2 Brothers and the annoying sexist guy that happens to work at one of my favorite restaurants (Zaytinya in DC).

The male perspective on Glee

Hubby: That main chick looks familiar.
Me: I think she looks a lot like Idina Menzel.
Hubby: No. She looks like that girl whose boobs we saw on Broadway
Me: (Rude glare)
Hubby: From Spring Awakening…
Me: (after googling) wow, you are right – it’s the same girl.
Hubby: See! And I recognized her by her voice, not her boobs!
Me: (thinking to self: maybe this’ll get him to watch this show with me.)

I’ve tried, really I have, to stop adding on new tv series… but Glee keeps beckoning to me.  Clearly I’m going to have to at least give it a try.  The problem with Glee is it seems so absolutely perfect that I will be hooked from day one.

Besides, with Lost gone until 2010 (What?!  That’s a LONG time from now!) I’ll need something to watch… in addition to Castle, House, Heroes, Bones, Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Smallville, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, 90210, Desperate Housewives, Lie to Me, The Hills, The City, and Dollhouse, I mean.  I’ve probably forgotten a few too.  Le Sigh.

I cannot wait!  I fell off on my Top Chef write-ups towards the end of the last season which is a shame because I was full of bragging rights.  Yup, team hair was victorious.  I had 2 of my picks in the finale and one of my guys won the title!  Ryan had none of his people in the true finale. If you are keeping track that is now 2 for me and 0 for Ryan. Just saying.

‘Top Chef Masters’ – Contestants Announced, Guest Judges Include Neil Patrick Harris – Slashfood