Happy Caturday!

The I-just-found-this-picture-on-my-phone-and-bemoaned-the-fact-that-I-used-to-be-the-owner-of-a-not-fat-cat-at-one-point* edition.

*I hope this doesn’t reflect on my parenting abilities. But it probably does.

Also, I’m terrified that I’ll lose my phone and when a stranger finds it and scrolls through the pictures (like they always do) it’ll be so embarrassing that all they’ll find is pictures of food and my cats.

The first Christmas we’ve all spent together as a family.  I must have taken a hundred pictures of the kittehs.  Just wait till I have children of the human being variety.

Somebody looks so sweet and innocent when sleeping.

That same somebody is most likely the reason I needed a new camera last week. Since that somebody (who is known to carry heavy objects in his jaws and drop them in the laundry bin) probably thought the laundry bin was where my camera belonged. It isn’t. Would have been great to try and teach him that lesson before the camera got washed.

Canon + cold regular wash spin cycle = no more canon

But on the plus side… yay for new camera!

We had a stowaway with us in NYC this weekend.

The original plan had been that Ryan and I would pack a small bag of clothes the night before and head to the hotel in Times Square after we got done with work on Tuesday with our little bags.  Just the two of us.

But this all changed last weekend when we Sushi had a bloodshot red-eye that he could barely keep open.  A frantic call to the vet for a last minute appointment and painful eye-testing (for Sushi) led to the diagnosis that he plays too hard with his siblings and someone (ahem Spam… I’m looking at you!) scratched his eye.  The treatment? Medicine in his eyes twice a day and it would probably be better to keep the kitteh-playing to a minimum while his eye healed.  So after a couple hours of first panicking and then debating about switching off who would commute into the city from Stamford each day – we noticed that our hotel was actually pet (and more importantly cat) friendly.  Oh thank god.  So the “little backpack filled with clothes” turned into a huge suitcase filled to the brim with medicine, toys, food, litter and a makeshift litter box made out of an aluminum catering tray.

We also fully intended on paying the one-time probably expensive fee for our cat to stay.  Except they didn’t seem to notice that we had a cat with us.  So we kept the do not disturb sign on the door, snuck his excrements outside each day to throw away in a sidewalk trash can, and reused our towels for a couple days.  And today we snuck him back outside the hotel as he accompanied Ryan and his family up to Connecticut as they take a day trip up to see the rest our “children.”

My Great Christmas Card Idea:

1) Find santa outfit that was too big for Spam last year and dress all 3 cats in various pieces of the santa costume

2) Take oh-so-adorable picture of cats as they sit calmly staring at the camera with costume on

3) Turn pictures of cats into Christmas card covers

Results: Complete hatred of costume, posing, and of me.

Alternative idea: buy generic cards from Walgreens.

Sushi, the only cat of ours still curious about life outside our condo, didn’t like it when he wasn’t allowed in the garage while Ryan and I were changing the battery in Ryan’s car. Err… okay, while Ryan changed the battery and I stood off to the side calling out… are you sure you don’t want me to call AAA?

So I took pity on Monster and let him watch the “excitement” from the inside of my car.

He was extremely excited. Simple pleasures, I guess.