Garlic day!

It was garlic day at Stone Barns.  Amongst the different activities and tours they had was an area for “garlic tasting” where you could sample the 6 different varieties of garlic growing on the farm in its roasted pureed form.  Clearly I was a joy to be around after the tasting.  There was one room / building that was dedicated to the curing of garlic (pictured above).  It smelt heavenly… if you like the smell of garlic anyway.

Summer is here!

We kicked off the fourth of July weekend in style by heading up to Stone Barnsfor lunch.  I love this place.  I haven’t been here in a while (probably since last 4th of July) but I really need to go more often just for the lunch!  Everything is made locally and it’s just sooo good.

There’s always a bunch of baked goods, bottled jams and pickles, as well as a salad bar and assortment of open-faced sandwiches (pictured above).