Dear PETA, I would like to confess that I killed 2 mosquitos that were buzzing around me today.  The first one was in self defense – as he had attacked me first.  The second one however was purely just me committing murder 1 in cold blood with no ulterior motive.  And I’m not sorry about it. However, I would never kill a fly with my bare hands.  Those suckers are big and their guts would get over my hands – gross! Moral of this story: PETA you are ridiculous.

PETA miffed at President Obama’s fly execution | U.S. | Reuters

Even though shave ice is a staple in Hawaii, only a few places have mastered the art of truly great shave ice making.  I believe I have discovered all these places and therefore will not go for substitutions.  So last Christmas when the Hubby tried to tell me that the shave ice place next to his house was good I scoffed at it and him – please, a good shave ice place that I haven’t heard of – yeah right.  So he went to his place (Kokonuts) and I continued to frequent my places.  The next thing I know there are pictures everywhere of Obama and his family enjoying shave ice at HIS place!  I was jealous but wrote it off as either 1) my boy Barry just doesn’t know any better (gasp), 2) location, location, location – it was near where he was, or 3) secret service thought it would be easier to secure his safety there than at my places.

However, since Kokonuts is now close to where I’m staying (at the Hubby’s parents place) it was the perfect time to try it out, if for no other reason than to be able to call up the President and provide him my expertise in the matter – perhaps he could appoint me Secretary of Shave Ice.

But the results were that the place IS good!  Darn, there goes my title / new job.  Now my place (Waola’s – now at 2 locations because it’s THAT good) does have it beat but only by a little bit to the point where I wouldn’t exert the energy (and gas) to drive all the way out to town to get shave ice when Kokonuts is right near me.

I had a dream last night that I met Obama and we spent the entire time telling each other that we thought the other person was awesome. Pretty fabulous dream! via Scary Mary

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