Happy Caturday!

The I-just-found-this-picture-on-my-phone-and-bemoaned-the-fact-that-I-used-to-be-the-owner-of-a-not-fat-cat-at-one-point* edition.

*I hope this doesn’t reflect on my parenting abilities. But it probably does.

Also, I’m terrified that I’ll lose my phone and when a stranger finds it and scrolls through the pictures (like they always do) it’ll be so embarrassing that all they’ll find is pictures of food and my cats.

The first Christmas we’ve all spent together as a family.  I must have taken a hundred pictures of the kittehs.  Just wait till I have children of the human being variety.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

In answer to our my sadness over the no tree situation, we got this fabulous present from Ryan’s family a couple days before Christmas.

And quickly set it up so we could finally have some type of Christmas decoration in our house.  And yes, the backdrop of the pictures show just how messy my house is.

Not going to lie.  There was a lot of “that’s what he / she said” comments made as we built the tree.  You know, “I think it’s too big for the hole,” “I can’t find the hole.”  Clearly we are mature.

And once we were done Spam was gracious enough to demonstrate why we were right not to get a real tree.  Yes, my kitteh is trying to eat the fake leaves of our fake tree.

And so our 1 piece of Christmas decoration got hidden behind closed doors until Christmas.  Le sigh.

Meanwhile, the Tree-In-A-Box also came with do-it-yourself Christmas decoration origami that I was super excited about.  Yet after several restarts and wasted paper, this was the closest I came to a decoration.  It’s supposed to be a candy cane.  I gave up after that one.

Somebody looks so sweet and innocent when sleeping.

That same somebody is most likely the reason I needed a new camera last week. Since that somebody (who is known to carry heavy objects in his jaws and drop them in the laundry bin) probably thought the laundry bin was where my camera belonged. It isn’t. Would have been great to try and teach him that lesson before the camera got washed.

Canon + cold regular wash spin cycle = no more canon

But on the plus side… yay for new camera!

SQUEALLLLLL.  This is truly the sound I made on Monday night when I got my tumblr buddy package filled with things relating to my FAVORITE HOLIDAY (yes, that deserves caps).  Thank you thank you thank you.  From the picture frame and notecards to the decked out clothes pins, advent calendar (that is totally being enjoyed) and kleenex (which maybe TMI but is also really being enjoyed much to the discomfort of my fellow Metro-North riders), everything is perfect.

Clearly Spam agrees wholeheartedly.

The favorite of all my goodies (so great it deserved it’s own picture) is the Christmas Tree scented plug-in.

This is the first Christmas we are spending at home since the kittehs arrived.  Which means it has bothered me that we have no decorations up, no stockings hung, no Christmas tree, and thus no Christmas tree scent.  (I see cats that are unaffected by food placed out unattended, candles lit, and Christmas trees decorated and on display.  These are not the cats I own.)  So the fact that I now am greeted with the smell of pine trees when I walk into the living room fills me with never-ending joy.  And I’m not the only one….

Ryan: What is that smell?  It smells really good.

Me:It’s a Christmas tree plug-in from my tumblr buddy.  Isn’t it great?  We can at least have the smell even if we don’t have a tree.

Ryan: That IS great.  We have the best tumblr buddy ever.

Me:(to myself) Hmph – when did it become “our” tumblr buddy.

That was so easy. I set up the carrier and less than 1 second later Spam jumped in, ready to go.

Except that Spam is not the one with an appointment for his annual rabies shot. Sushi is.

Note: post also in response to my Mom’s request for up to date pictures posted of her grandchildren.