I feel that having a 2 day “Drink around the world” is cheating, but so is making your mom share some of your drinks so that you don’t get too plastered.  Therefore, since this “drink around the world” idea was the activity I was most looking forward to I decided to finish it up the next day.  So….

Country #7: Italy

Wine flight in the Enoteca Castello wine shop.

Country #6: USA

Budlight and a double cheeseburger at the Liberty Inn.  Even with sharing I think we only finished about half the burger.

We were planning our strategy for getting through the rest of the countries when a huge lightning and thunderstorm hit and lasted throughout the night and causing us to leave the park.  So once again I had to claim defeat on my drink around the world though this time I am citing weather issues as opposed to low tolerance as my downfall.

Drinking and eating around the world:

Country #1: Canada, with Labatt’s light beer and popcorn from the kiosk (they don’t really serve food in Canada outside their reservations-necessary steak restaurant).

And yes, I had help with my food and drinks as I’m not that much of a pig (regarding the eating around the world) despite what past blog posts may have led you to believe.  Also, I attempted to complete a drink around the world last year in Epcot and 1) failed to finish and 2) was super hungover and unhappy later on that day.

Get ready for picture overload

I am currently going through all my pictures from 2008 to find the perfect ones to put in my Christmas letter.  I found a bunch of pictures I liked but that aren’t going to make it into the letter, so I decided to post them here.  Please note, this is once again proof of my horrible case of ADD as I need to to a lot of things before I can leave on my trip tomorrow and none of them include uploading my 2008 pics to my blog!

*By the way, at work I write A LOT of memos (funny – I thought I became an accountant because I was better at math than writing…) and our documentation includes words such as “please note” so I am very disturbed to realize that this is now how I write outside of work.

On our cruise from / to Bermuda this past October we saw some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

But sometimes I’d get bored of taking a picture of just the sunrise / sunset and find something else to take a picture of…

Mod 22B represents at Anne’s Wedding in Woodinville, WA this past September.

Welcome to Germany!

This had to make it on to my blog. The best cheesesteak in the world – no, this is NOT an exaggeration. Pat’s in Philadelphia, I want to go back just to eat there again.

Riding the Sky Bike at the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia. It’s a bike at the top of the museum on a tight rope that is balanced so that you can’t fall off… though they have lots of safety nets below in case something goes wrong…

Very confused over a street that’s named “13 1/2” in DC.