Working through the weekend… but getting my Obama fix by staring at my wonderful new 2009 calendar (that takes up 1/3 of my cube wall space) while trying to tune out the workmen that are testing the fire alarm system in the building.

Also, please note the empty cube wall space to the right of the Obama calendar – this marks the start of my cube-mate’s wall space which is a very good example of how the rest of his wall looks.  The open wall space shown in the left-hand corner of this picture is the only remaining open area I have and it is only that way as I am debating about putting up a picture of Spam – the hesitation is because I do not want to be thought of as “the crazy cat woman” of my office.

Exciting weekend plans:

Friday:  5:30 PM –  9:30 PM: Nap due to work exhaustion

          10:00 PM – 12:30 AM: Study

           12:30 AM –  1:00 AM: Update blog with boring complaints about non-exciting weekend plans

Saturday: Work: 3 hours only (I hope)

              Gym: 1.5 hours (includes 5 minute commute time and 25 minutes of talking myself into actually going)

              Studying: 6.5 hours

              Sleeping: 7.5 hours (gold star given to self for much-needed improvement in this area!)

Sunday: Work:0 hours (thank God!)

            Gym: 1.5 hours (hopefully more of actual workout and less of psyching myself into going)

            Studying: 12 hours (with necessary break to admire new oven that is finally arriving)

            Sleep: 7 hours (still much better than normal as I am recovering from this past week*)

*Last week’s 50 hours in 4 days fun-filled work week can be summarized best with this quote:

“I gotta get to work.  If I don’t input those numbers… it doesn’t make much of a difference.” – Chandler Bing on Friends

In need of present ideas?

Now that I’ve helped the hubby shop for my $10 present I’m feeling very generous.  There are PJ sets on sale at Target right now for $9.99 and free shipping (not sure if Target has hit Hawaii yet).  They look rather cozy for someone who will need to bundle up against the northeast winters before going to bed.  This Christmas season has put me in such the giving mood.  You’re welcome.