My dad half thought I was kidding when I invited him to Emma’s preschool graduation… but the whole thing was certainly no joke…. it was a months in the making program by the students and teachers and at least a couple days in the making by the parents who had to, in true aloha spirit, make sure that their kid had enough leis to give out to their 15 classmates and all the teachers in attendance.

And after months of practicing (they sang 4 songs and had a dress change into their robes), a slide show presentation (which unfortunately went down half way through as Vimeo crashed nationwide… real nice Vimeo!), parent speakers, etc. it was all over and I was left holding a bag full of leis and attempting not to cry at leaving the school that had been a home away from home for Emma for the last three years. Emma’s been at her daycare/preschool since May 2016 right before she turned 2. During that time she made great friends (whose parents became my friends) and learned so much academically as well as about herself (as this is really where she started developing her hilarious, overly self-confident, smart-alecky self). Boy, if I’m a sap now for a 4-year-old graduation, I’ll be completely crazy in 13 years when she graduates high school.

So for all you 2019 Graduates (and parents!) whether it is college, high school or even preschool… just remember:

You’re off to great places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So… Get on your way!

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