The life of a working mom: dropped off Emma at her extracurricular activity, walked two blocks to pick up food for dinner for the whole family, and spent the rest of my wait time reading the above book, an assignment I have for a leadership program at work I was selected to be a part of.

45 minutes enjoying the outside and being thankful that I live in Hawaii… and 15 minutes hiding in my car as droplets started to fall… signaling Hurricane Olivia is on her way.

It took me a long time to get here… to feel like I have a good work-life balance. Based on how I think the average husband contributes, I’d still be heavily in the weeds and totally overwhelmed if I had one of those. But Ryan is awesome, always meeting me 50/50 with all responsibilities (actually he’d probably he does more than 50%), to make it doable.

I get annoyed with all the fake lives people portray of themselves on social media where they hide all the negative aspects so you sit there wondering what the hell is wrong with my life…. but since I used to be so down all the time and depressed with how my life was all work, not able to manage both home life and work life in a sustainable way… I just had to take a moment to glory in how great it feels like to finally have an equilibrium. Phew!

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