Gobble Gobble Turkey Day

Thanksgiving actually kicked off on Wednesday for us with a Thanksgiving party at Emma’s school.


Crazy kid got so into playing in the “big kid’s classroom” (read: the 4-year-old classroom versus her own 3-year-old classroom) that she didn’t even realize that all her friends had left. She threw a fit when I made her leave (because they were closing down the school for the holiday) because I was “making [her] leave all [her] friends.” What friends? Every other kid left about 30 minutes before she did…. SMH. Oh the joys of a threenager.

Meanwhile, we had to get home anyway because it was time to put all my thanksgiving party plans into motion.


While I was living away from family in a small condo in the COLD, I would dream about throwing huge family parties upon moving back to Hawaii. I excitedly took on a massive Christmas party the first year I went back… and it didn’t go great. The people I confided in after the fact about the issues swore the party was a huge success, but they are also the ones firmly biased towards me and would stick up for me no matter what (oh hi mom, hubby and older sister). Meanwhile,  it seemed like from many others there was one thing or another that someone didn’t like: what food I served or didn’t serve, the games we played, the heat of the house, the chill of the house, the order of events…. you name it. I decided to retire from party planning after my first go-round. But two years later, albeit with a different guest list, I decided to give it a try again for thanksgiving this year. I ended up going overboard on pinterest ideas, food and… well… everything. But I think everyone loved it. Be still my wannabe party planning loving heart I was so happy. Although maybe it went a little too well. For a couple days after the fact, Emma was showing signs of abandonment issues. You know because all the people that came to the party eventually left to go home for the night (insert eye rolling emoji for days).


The only food picture I remembered to take was of food I didn’t cook. But Ryan made an amazing Turkey!

Meanwhile, while I realize I was fully in turkey obsessing party planning craziness, I did try to take time out to instill the true meaning of thanksgiving in Emma with a thankful tree. While it took me until day 4 to have my own name included in her things she’s thankful for, it was pretty awesome to see all the things she appreciates, from treble clef shaped pillows (oh I see it now!) to being able to protect me from bugs (I’m a wuss) this kid melts my heart. As for myself, definitely so very thankful for my life, for supportive parents and in-laws, a secure and fulfilling job, a kindhearted and wonderful child, hilarious fur babies, caring friends, awesome family and my rock through all of it, the guy that spent his birthday on thanksgiving not kicking back and relaxing, but making a turkey (see awesomeness above) and stuffing and running out to the grocery store when I broke down over forgetting to buy cream cheese.


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