From the north shore to the north shore or from September through (mid-)November

November… the first half

November kicked off with a date night to the food and wine festival. There was food and there was wine… what more can I say. Most exciting moment was when Graham Elliott handed me a plate and told me he hoped I liked it. Oh swoon! The way the food and wine festival works is you can 1) pay extra to enter one-hour early and gorge yourself with limited amounts of people surrounding you, 2) pay the general admissions and deal with lines or 3) happen to have the credit card whose company sponsors the festival (First Hawaiian Bank’s mastercard) and pay the general admissions cost while entering an hour early to gorge yourself with limited amounts of people. If you guessed that I went with option number 3 you’d be right.


I had coordinated to have my babysitter (oh hi mom!) hang around until close to midnight, giving us the chance to close down the party and then make the one-hour commute home, but we stuffed ourselves so much that we called it quits by around 7:30 PM. Cool kids club over here!


Ryan and I sort of messed up on coordinating Veteran’s Day off but it turned out to be a blessing. Normally when I get the holiday listing for Emma’s preschool I ask off for all the days off that I can since there are some months that I’m not allowed to take vacation for at all. Since Ryan’s workload is more stagnant than mine, he gets the leftover days. Since November is a slow month I asked my boss to take the Veteran’s day holiday off from work. And then realized that it was actually a holiday for Ryan. But with the end of the year coming up, any vacation days I give up at this point I might lose at the end of the year if I can’t find another day to take it on so instead we decided to go on a mini vacation to the north shore, typically just an annual trip in September. While the waves were getting bigger and scarier by this time of year, therefore keeping us on the sand, there were many sand castles to build, falls to hike to and yummy food trucks to try.


Needless to say it was an awesome vacation and a well needed recuperation between the craziness of Halloween and the party planning craze that was about to begin for Thanksgiving.

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