From sushi to cocktails with a skyline view

Okay, I may have found the best sushi restaurant in the US:Akiko Sushi. After first walking by the restaurant all together due to a lack of signage (apparently this is a new trend as my favorite Hawaii sushi restaurant is sans signage too).


Not pictured: about a gazillion nigiri sushi that I figured would bore you all.

When we finally had enough we decided to brave the cold streets of the Tenderloin to get a nightcap at Cityscape, a bar at the top of the Hilton in Union Square with 360 views of the city. My favorite by far was the Bay Bridge lit up at night. There was a heavy fog that kept rolling in, and
while it disrupted our view it was pretty cool to see the images of the city distort and then come back into focus as the fog rolled in and out.

We got there with a little under an hour to spare since our sushi eating took hours so there was only time for one drink (since service was slow), but it was definitely an awesome drink. And with that we headed back to our hotel room to get a couple hours of sleep in before our big Saturday task: eating.


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