From one side of the Pacific (or okay the middle of the Pacific) to the Other

My baby sister turned 30 this year and my mom and I flew up to San Francisco to help her welcome in her new decade. While I was previously excited to enjoy a fun weekend away, saying goodbye to Emma had me practically in tears and wishing I could just stay home and enjoy a weekend with her. But instead, with tears in my eyes I hopped in my car and drove to the airport. And then I got through security in about 2 minutes and made it to the gate with plenty of spare time and thought to myself, “holy crap…. That’s what it’s like to travel without a kid????” No walk that feels like eternity because Emma needs to help push the stroller (which is therefore unnecessary to have brought because she’s not sitting in it), no unloading an entire household of goods onto the conveyor belt at TSA in case it’s needed for the plane ride. No fretting that while Emma is debating about whether walking through the metal detector is something she wants to do, the line of impatient travelers grows longer and longer. Instead I downloaded a book on my kindle and bought myself an US Weekly magazine. Both of which was unnecessary since I promptly fell asleep as soon as I sat down and woke up when we started descending into San Francisco… since sleep is also a possibility when you are travelling child free.


I primped at the airport, thinking I was going to spend an entire day wandering SFO without getting to check into my room first but miracles of miracles by 9:30 AM I was sitting on my new bed for the next three days. I might have just curled up and taken a nap if I hadn’t taking the time to wash up in an airport bathroom or forewent a LOT of sleep the previous night to plot out an itinerary jammed packed with things to do before my mom and sister showed up at the end of the day. So instead I was off, first-stop: ferry building.


I had been bummed originally that I wasn’t going to be around on a farmer’s market day since wandering those stalls outside the ferry building is one of my favorite things to do in San Francisco. But since it wasn’t meant to be, I had made myself a foodie tour of the ferry building itself based on recommendations from local food bloggers. I have to say, I had such a good time on my self-created tour I’m glad there wasn’t a market going on to pull me away from the inside of the building.


There was Baked Brie with Fruits and Nuts (special of the day) at Cowgirl Creamery Sidekick Café & Milk Bar, Avocado Toast (half order) at Frog Hollow Farm, Oysters from San Francisco Fish Company and Empanadas from El Porteno.


And not to leave out the fantastic liquid beverages and dessert at the Ferry Market building, there was a Café Latte from Blue Bottle Coffee (I don’t know if I ever what a different coffee again), a wine flight from Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant (which was drank when it was only 8:30 AM in Honolulu…. Don’t judge!) and a “Secret Breakfast” at Humphry Slocombe.


And because at this that time they were still planning a White Supremacy march in San Francisco for Saturday (what the actual f*$!% people!)… this poster from Sidekick Café completely made my morning and restored some of the faith I had lost this past week.

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