From Ferry Buildings to Rocket Boats


After gorging myself on all that food at the ferry building I headed over to Pier 39 to visit tacky tourist pictures and see the iconic sea lions of Pier 39. I was leaning against the railing overlooking the wharf when I spotted a rocket boat taking off. I had always wanted to do the one in NYC, but by the time I had heard about it I was heavily pregnant and then never got a chance to after Emma was born. Here was my chance! And OMG it was awesome!


Speeding along and jamming out to music we splashed our way out to the bay bridge where they slowed to a stop to take pictures before speeding us back to land. Now I don’t know much about driving a boat but the drivers must have been awesome to make the sharp turns and bounce us on the waves just for fun.


To cap off the afternoon I waiting through the always super long line to ride a cable car back up the hill to our hotel.

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