Dealing with pet death… a continuing saga


I stepped out of the shower at 10 PM and found Emma awake. While I am told that she’s one of the most loquacious three-year-olds out there (I don’t have too much experience with toddlers outside of Emma to know for myself), it’s still hard to get an “adult-style” answer out of her when asking a question…. hence the weird answers below.

Me: Why are you still up?

Emma: Sushi is in bed with me.

Me: Is he bothering you?

E: No…. I scared him…. I was trying to scare daddy but I scared him…

(She got in trouble earlier tonight because Ryan and I don’t trust Sushi when he’s scared)

Me: I know…. (Assuming she was therefore afraid of Sushi)… do you want me to take him with me when I leave?

E: (fearful) No! Please don’t take him in a car!

Me: Huh?

E: Like Spam (When ryan took him to be cremated)…. don’t put him in the car like Spam.

Me: oh! No I meant just take him out of the bedroom…

E: (happily) No! He’s protecting me from monsters!

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