Lions and Tigers and Bears… and Coyotes


There were two places on my “must take Emma to list” for New York City: Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History. Thanks to a never ending bout of bronchitis, that was pretty much all we did, but it was definitely was everything I imagined. At AMNH Emma was so enamored with the animal displays. In my mind, we were going to spend an equal of time in all parts of the museum, but nope, Emma was all about the animals and loved all of them.


With a knowing look, she told me that the “big, yelling” gorilla in the middle was the mommy while the calm one off to the right was the daddy. I’m sure a therapist would have wonderful things to say to me about that thought.


But my proudest oh-my-god-my-child-is-a-genius moment, quickly followed by the oh-my-god-don’t-let-my-kid-be-the-one-beat-up-at-school moment was when we were looking at the mountain lion display and an elementary school boy (because holy crap there had to be around 10 different school field trips going on that day) ran into the room and said, “Oooh…. is that a coyote?” and Emma turned to me and said loudly, “Mommy that boy is so silly… it’s a mountain lion. Hahahahaha.” Yep, that boy was really not amused.

Also, seeing these pictures of Emma all cozy in a sweater and jeans makes me so wistful for cooler weather. I LOVED hugging my bundled up baby. Both my actual baby and this (much) taller toddler baby. But then I remember how annoying it was to change her diaper while she was in jeans, socks and sneakers (OMG skirts and dresses are soooo easy) and also the huge mom fail that happened when we got into JFK and I was patting myself on the back that we had successfully collected our ridiculous amount of luggage and were all ready to head for the cabs when a whine from Emma made me realize that Emma was sitting there in her stroller in 50 degree weather… and a tank top. Not great!

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