Be still my travel-loving heart…

Emma’s response to my question of what she would want to take with her on the plane to NYC next month was “maps!” Maps she can pour over and get excited about seeing the Great Wall of China or the Eiffel Tower (because let’s not get it twisted, she’s 2… her maps come with cartoon pictures, not topography).

I couldn’t wait until I could travel the world constantly. But first I was limited because I was a kid and my vacations, although fantastic – oh hi there mom and dad! – weren’t usually outside of the U.S. And then I was an adult and I could do what I want… but I was a broke college kid with no funds. A big day out was when my boyfriend got a car and could drive me to six flags – oh hi there Ryan! So I got a steady paying job with pretty severe blackout periods of when I cannot travel – so long January, February, March, April, July, and October.

Now I know what you’ll say, if you want to travel the world so much, do it. Turn in that resignation letter, pack a bag (or 3) and just take off to places unknown. But I actually prefer the boring life of waking up to an alarm, taking Emma to daycare where I know all the teachers and the kids, going to work where I feel confident (most of the time) about what I do, and then going home to chill with Ryan and Emma and yell at whatever new disaster the Orange dictator has created.

So I continue to do what I’ve done my whole life, read travel books, plan out imaginary itineraries in my head, look at maps, study travel blogs and dream.

And now I have a friend / mini me to do it with, while we count down the days until our next vacation.

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