In a couple hours I will be leaving for my high school for the worst type of class reunions. A class reunion at our high school church, honoring the life of our fellow classmate who passed away in March. For a girl who, without many of us realizing, helped keep us all together as a class for the last 18 years after we graduated. There have been a lot of musings ever since news of her passing came out as to whether we’ll remain as close (well as close as 420 kids scattered across the globe can be) without her to unite us all. There are guys from our class that for whatever reason typically choose to make tasteless, offensive jokes in life and on social media. At least this time, they are finally taking the high road and commenting that they cannot think of anything but wonderful memories of her. Neither can I.

Punahou Carnival, Hawaiian Plate Lunch Booth C/O ‘99 Volunteers. We’ll miss you Hollis!

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