Thank you, Dad

All the news and commentary surrounding Ivanka’s new role at the white house triggered a memory of a conversation that took place when I first moved to Hawaii.

A old coworker of my dad’s asked where I was going to start working. When I named a company that wasn’t the same place that my dad worked at for 30+ years (and became well-known), that coworker was shocked and said, “why didn’t you get her a job at our company?” My dad put on his proud dad smile and said, “I would never do that to her. She’s a hard worker and would deserve any promotion or accolades that came her way. And if she worked at our company, everyone would just assume she got the job and the promotions and the accolades from me. I’m too proud of her and the career she worked hard to achieve to ever do that to her.”

I never really understood why he felt so strongly against me ever even applying at his workplace until now. I’m thankful that I have a father who thought so much of me that he didn’t want his name overshadowing me and all that I wanted to achieve.

So thank you, Dad.





Although as it’s my third month of working past midnight each night in order to make my own name in the world, maybe nepotism isn’t always so bad.

I kid. I kid.

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