Passing the torch

I was listening to the Z100 morning show (it’s my reward for driving home from work after midnight, which means the morning talk shows have started on the east coast) and they were talking about how different people are from who they were just 2 years ago, let alone 1 decade.

I was damn stupid in my 20s. Now I may have binge watched a little too much Law and Order:SVU recently, but it’s amazing to me that after hearing all these horror stories about what happens when a girl goes out to have a good time and ends up roofied and / or raped that I dealt with nothing more than a horrible hangover the next morning after a night of binge drinking.

But tonight was like deja vu as I found myself on the bathroom floor with a pitcher of water I begged from a bartender. Not because I drank too much but because while bitching about a coworker (okay, not one of my better traits I admit) my friends and I witnessed a girl fall to the floor – too drunk to know what was going on.

Boy what a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago I was that girl who over indulged and was so sick she needed help (fortunately from awesome friends instead of strangers), instead of the girl who stopped drinking hours earlier so she would be sober for the drive home as well as ready to be woken up at 5 AM by her adorable yet unfortunately early riser toddler. Boy did I love my 20s. But boy am I happy to be in my 30s now.

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