Verbal diarrhea…. errr musings from a MIA blogger

– I forgot how good teen mom is…. sooo good.
– Also, Farrah makes me feel like I’m a rockstar mom… although Amber makes me feel that I shouldn’t take for granted every moment I get to spend with Emma and also that Ryan isn’t a deadbeat dad with 7 other kids…. (I’m still several episodes behind in case that Gary drama miraculously turns out to be not true)
– While I have begrudgingly accepted that there are individuals I know who are intelligent, coherent and non-racist that are planning on voting for Trump, I apparently have a family member whose actual reason for voting for Trump includes spouting off all the very worst, most offensive and racist things Trump has said. WTF?!!! I mean I guess I should have figured it out years ago when he was super gung ho on the birther conspiracy….
– Speaking of the election, I’m not one to miss a good theme day dress up… so my plans include dressing Emma up in her patriotic 4th of July dress (cause go America!) and taking her with me to vote, so she can say she voted in the first female president in our country.
– I went out with my coworkers a couple weekends ago and ended up singing karaoke. I was complimented over and over again about my amazing rapping skills on Eminem songs and my ability to sing Spice Girls songs without looking at the lyrics.
– Since then Emma has told me no less than 5 times to stop singing along to her music cd because my singing is really bad.
– My mom and Ryan have also expressed disbelief that I have any musical talent whatsoever.
– I have music class every weekend with Emma – A place where I get super silly, dancing and singing along to songs… my safe, happy place in which to perform embarrassing nonsense was interrupted last week when my ex’s cousin (who I had been close to up until our split), walked in with his wife (who I also knew and spent time with back in the day) and three kids. I hadn’t seen them in 15 years but still… it’s not like you forget someone that you hung out with all the time just because many years have passed. I anticipated how awkward it would be when they realized I was in class with them and then…. nada…. they are either the world’s best actors or I am unrecognizable (I’m assuming because I’m a good 40 pounds heavier than the last time I saw them). I don’t know which option is less embarrassing.
– Emma’s verbal skills are now developed enough that when she gets sent home with a letter saying she was bitten, we now get to find out from her which kid did the biting.
– Emma had her first field trip last week, which I couldn’t attend due to it once again being busy at work, but Ryan was under strict orders to take pictures at least every 15 minutes. Someday I’ll get around to posting them.
– My lord and savior Garth Brooks is coming to Hawaii to perform in concert for the first time ever. I would be excited but I’m too stressed about getting tickets. You are talking about a state that had a line out the door when a new foodland opened up in town. Those tickets are going to be gone in 2 seconds.

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