Universal Studios

Of course I had to see my boy Harry before heading back to the 808. And I still loved loved loved Hogwarts and Hogsmeade (although sad that they haven’t expanded to include things like Gringotts like in Florida). And the 600 calorie butterbeer was still superb (of which I had 4). But there’s just something a little… Not disneyesque about that place. Oh well.


Emma (or Ryan for Emma) decided to sleep through early morning access into the park so I made my way without them. And therefore was the first person into Hogsmeade… good to know I still got it! (And by “IT” I mean my theme park death marching skills of course.)

They finally showed up 1 hour and 5 rides later, ready to go!

Everyone’s a critic!

By far the scariest thing Emma encountered on the whole trip. A Minion. No joke the kid was freaked! Meanwhile the animatronic HUGE velocirapter they had next to the Jurassic Park ride made her smile, jump up and down and call out “Hi Dinosaur Hi!!!”

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