How to never wait in line at Disneyland

I never thought about asking other family members to come along to Disneyland to help watch Emma so Ryan and I didn’t spend the entire time catering to her and her level of rides. But when family members of all sides offered to be the one to come I was thrilled. Over the last couple of years, countless high school classmates took their kids on their maiden trip to Disney and each time it included a slew of aunts, uncles and grandparents. From my mind, we just had to decide which side to take. And then Ryan said no. It had been a rough three years of trying to move to Hawaii, moving to Hawaii without Ryan, selling our Connecticut condo, Ryan finally moving, and still trying to get settled and raise a toddler. So when he said he wanted a family vacation of just the three of us who am I to argue.

On the trip he told me he lied and in reality everyone knows that I create death match style itineraries for our trips to Disney and everyone refused to go. I am going to believe story #1 was the correct one.

Since Ryan is much better at getting Emma to sleep and also much more into going back out and doing things later at night on vacations than I am I figured that he would take Emma back to the hotel for a nap in the afternoon, leaving me to ride the adult rides and then after we met back up in the evening, he would stay at the park while we headed back to sleep. That plan worked out way better than I ever envisioned thanks to the fastpass system. As many people know the fastpass system shoots you to the front of the line but you are only allowed 1 fastpass every 1-2 hours or so. We worked it so the person that stayed in the park kept both passes. Which means you got two rides every 1-2 hours. We would help collect passes for the other person towards the end of our stints in the park and for some rides, like the Matterhorn, California Screamin’, Splash Mountain and Radiator Springs we just continued to walk directly onto the rides using the single rider lane. Even when I used a fastpass, being a single rider usually propelled me ahead of all the other fastpass users. Sure you are all alone in those pictures of you screaming down splash mountain, but you get to go on splash mountain 5 times in an hour of you wanted to.

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