Disneyland or Bust

As y’all know… Huge Disney fanatic over here. Which is why I talked Ryan into having Disneyland be our first family summer vacation ever (err… Fall vacation… got to go when the crowds are at an all time low after all). I patiently answered everyone’s “Emma is too young” comments with a smirk and an “it’s not really for her” response and read up on every “Dumbo or die” kid schedule out there. And cried over forking over a gazillion dollars just to stay on Disneyland property because shuttles to and from the much more affordable offsite hotels were not going to work for my nap-hating FOMO two-year-old.

And finally last Saturday we were off!

My dad loaded Emma up with treats for the plane and Ryan’s parents’ present of a Minnie Mouse luggage tag somehow turned into a “cell phone” Emma had to take everywhere (off topic but I am amazed by kids’ creativity / imagination).

The flight wasn’t as horrific as carrying an 8-month-old up and down the aisle for the entire 11 hour trip or changing her diaper when the plane is trying to take off, but not as great as the massive amount of strangers telling me what a perfectly behaved child I had.

Oh well, you win some you lose some.

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