• Growing up I felt I had the perfect, enviable family. Then my parents divorced 13 years ago and promptly moved on to their next spouses and in with that spouses kids. To say it took me awhile to get over that would be an understatement. But I did get over it and truly am happy for everyone that is in my life and for how happy my parents are/were with their new spouses.But sometimes the annoyance sneaks back in… Like when someone references my dad’s oldest daughter and they don’t mean me, but my 7 years younger stepsister (my sister is older than her as well). Or tonight when I finally reactivated my online AAA Hawaii account since I moved back and saw that somehow the username I had signed up back in the 90s (which is MY name and linked to MY high school email address) had become linked to an active AAA account for my step brother.

    First world problems, I know. But get your own damn username.

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